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Matthew Nerney

December 19, 1977 - February 12, 2017

Born:  Winchester Hospital

Elementary School:  Lt. Eleazer Davis School

Middle School:  John Glenn Middle School

High School: Bedford High School (Class of 1996)

College: Westfield State College (Class of 2001)

Degree:  Mass Communications

Favorite bands:  Garth Brooks; Journey

Favorite song:  Friends in Low Places (G. Brooks)

Least favorite band:   Nickelback

Favorite tv shows:   Game of Thrones; Big Bang Theory

Favorite movies:  Wall Street; True Colors; The Godfather; Rocky IV

Favorite movie directors:  Oliver Stone; John Hughes

Favorite actors:  Charlie Sheen; Chris Farley; Harrison Ford

Favorite cartoon:   The Simpsons

Favorite sports team:  New England Patriots
Least favorite sports team:  NY Yankees

Favorite athlete:  Tom Brady

Favorite sporting events:   NCAA Final Four; NFL Super Bowl; WrestleMania

Nicknames:  Nern; Nerney; The Smartest Man Alive; Bones Malone; Couch

Favorite foods:  Cheeseburgers; Steak

Least favorite food:  Strawberries. Because if Tom Brady didn’t eat them, then Matt wouldn’t either.

Favorite drinks:  7 and 7; 23 ounce Bud Light

Favorite time of year:  Football season

Least favorite time of year:  anytime it snowed and shoveling was required!

Favorite restaurant:   The Cove in Fall River, MA

Favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving

Favorite ice cream:   French vanilla

Favorite cars:  Lamborghini; Dodge Charger

Little known facts:  He played the violin for one year. He loved to play chess. He truly enjoyed the Latin Club in school.  He was an award winning film producer within “Cruising in the Van Productions.”  He actually thought Blaine Lacher was a great goaltender.

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